The project is part of the work plan of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Commission on Environmental Protection. It is a joint project between the Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg
Norwegian Polar Institute: Hallvard Strøm (hallvard.strom[at]
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute: Maria Gavrilo (m_gavrilo[at]
Project team:
Bakken, Vidar, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo (bakken2[at]
Gabrielsen, Geir W., Norwegian Polar Institute (geir.gabrielsen[at]
Miljeteig, Cecilie, Norwegian Polar Institute (cecilie.miljeteig[at]
Steen, Harald, Norwegian Polar Institute (harald.steen[at]
Strøm, Hallvard (hallvard.strom[at]

Gavrilo, Maria (m_gavrilo[at]
Ivanov, Mikhail (gavia[at] )
Volkov, Andrey, (avolkov[at] )
Participating institutions/organisations:
Ministry of Environment
Norwegian State Pollution Control
Directorate for Nature Management
Governor of Svalbard

Environmental Ministry of Russian Federation
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet

The population survey, contaminant analyses and monitoring activity have been financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, the Governor of Svalbard, the Norwegian State Pollution Control Authority, the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management, the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg. The satellite tracking project has been funded by the Norwegian oil company StatoilHydro.
Supporting institutions/organisations:
Longyearbyen Field Biologists

Dikson Department of Northern Center of Hydrometeorology and Environmental monitoring and their polar stations on Hayes, Vize and Troinoy Islands
Russian IPY Program and “Arctica-2007” Expedition
ANSO “Polar World”, Moscow
Federal Border Guard, including their local frontier outposts in Dikson, Nagurskoe (Franz Josef Land) and on Sredny Island, and Joint Arctic Aviation Detachment of Federal Security Service, Vorkuta
Franz Josef Land State Nature Refuge (Zakaznik)
QUARK Expeditions
International partners:
Grant Gilchrist, Canadian Wildife Service
Olivier Gilg, Réserves Naturelles
Boele R. Kuipers, Norwegian Polar Institute
Audun Igesund, Norwegian Polar Institute