The 2008 season in Svalbard

The 2008 season in SvalbardThe 2008 season in Svalbard Image: Hallvard Strøm
The field season on Svalbard was successful also this year. We had excellent conditions during helicopter surveying and were able to do the best survey of the last three years. We had a field camp at Svenskøya on Kong Karls Land this year as well, where we realised we had been spoilt last year, both with respect to the weather and location of the colonies. The colonies were smaller this year than last year and were more spread out on the island. In addition to attaching two satellite transmitters, we took blood samples for sexing and contaminant analyses, samples for genetic studies (collaborators in Lausanne) and sampled regurgitations. We also re-sighted a few of the ivory gulls we ringed last year breeding again this year, but in a different location.
Published Monday February 16 2009 by Cecilie Miljeteig